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02 Oct 2017 12:18 PM, Announcements Shweta Dobra

CMIE revises its Products and Services Classification Master

Introduces and reclassifies various Products and Services

CMIE in its endeavour to upgrade the Prowess database and products has revamped its Products and Services Classification master. The modifications have been carried out in response to the users who sought rigorous product classification of companies in the Prowess database. Besides, evolution of the Indian economy over the years had led to emergence of many new products and economic activities. CMIE’s tremendous effort on the revision of the products and services classification has resulted in addition, re-classification and renaming of many products and services. Also, certain products and services have been dropped.

A total of around 6,100 products and services were available in the CMIE’s products and services classification master earlier. We have added 130 new products and services to the classification, increasing the total count of products and services to more than 6,250.

Around 400 products and services have been re-classified i.e. their parent product classification has been changed and such products and services have been moved to a different group of products classification which is more appropriate as compared to the previous classification.

A total of 275 product and services have been renamed. Further, 34 products and services have been renamed and re-classified into different product group.

The number of imperceptible product and services dropped from the products and services classification master is 67. The data mapped to these products and services has been shifted to the appropriate new or the old product and services.

The above changes have resulted in change of codes associated with all the products and services. The old codes have been mapped to the new codes to ensure apt classification of the products and services and its data post transition. Though all the product codes have changed, there are many products with the same name as in the earlier classification. Due to the change of products and services codes and the reclassification, products to industry mapping master and products to ITC mappings master have also undergone a change. The users can obtain the revised masters from the ‘Master’ section available on the ProwessDx web-site.

The data dumps extracts for the following tables from the September 2017 vintage will contain the revised products and services codes:

  • Identity

  • History of Classification

  • Products Produced

  • Raw Materials Consumed

  • Annual and Interim Segments

  • Energy Consumption

  • Product-wise Energy Consumption

The users can download an excel file containing the old product code to new product code mappings by clicking on the following link:

Mappings file

The excel file contains two sheets; ‘Old to New Mapping’ and ‘Mapping of Dropped codes’. The sheet ‘Old to New Mapping’ provides mapping of the old product codes to the new product codes. The sheet ‘Mapping of Dropped codes’ provides mapping of the dropped products to the newly added or the old products.

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