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02 Oct 2018 12:42 PM, Announcements Aashish Sharma

September 2018 Vintage Released

CMIE is pleased to announce the release of September, 2018 Vintage of ProwessDx. This is the fifteenth Vintage of ProwessDx since it was launched.

Three vintages of ProwessDx are released in each calendar year. These are released as on 31 March, 30 September and 31 December.

A new Vintage includes data for the period since the release of the previous Vintages. Contents of a Vintage are not changed once they are created. Data is neither added, deleted nor modified. The data remains unchanged for all times to come.

The March, 2018 Vintage contained data for 49,202 companies. A total of 569 new companies have been included in the September, 2018 Vintage, thereby taking the total tally of companies in ProwessDx to 49,771.

The following new indicators have been added in the September, 2018 Vintage:

  • MCA’s DIN: ‘MCA’s DIN’ has been added in the ‘Board of Directors’ table. The Director Identification Number (DIN) is a 8-digit unique Identification Number allotted to Directors by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The code is unique to each director.

    The concept of DIN was introduced as a part of the e-governance initiative i.e. ‘MCA-21 Project’ by MCA in the year 2006. DIN was introduced as a unique identifier for an existing or a future intending director, containing personal information about the director. The need for introduction of a unique identifier for directors arose from (i) creating a comprehensive and authentic database on the directors, and (ii) the phenomenon of companies that raise funds from the public and subsequently vanish, with their directors becoming untraceable.

    DIN helps in ascertaining the identity of the director and also co-relate director’s presence in other companies.

    Availability of data in this indicator depends on the availability of DIN in our database. As the concept of DIN was introduced by MCA in October 2006, data availability for this indicator increases from the year 2007. The availability for the earlier years is very limited.

  • Dividend per share: ‘Dividend per share’ has been added in the ‘Dividend Declarations’ table.
  • Segment type:‘Segment type’ has been added in the segment tables available under ‘Business Segment-wise Information’. This indicator provides classification of segments into either as ‘PRODUCT’ or ‘GEOGRAPHIC’.

A new functionality has been introduced in the annual and interim finance tables to enable users to switch the finance type keeping the fields selection unchanged or intact. This would help the users extract data for exactly the same fields but different finance type i.e standalone or consolidated. Hitherto, users were required to repeat the selection of fields with different finance tables.

The new functionality appears as a button against the tables under Annual Financial Statements, Annual Financial Statements - Ind AS, Interim Financial Statements and Segment Financial Statements.

The next Vintage of ProwessDx will be released on 1st January, 2019 for database snapshot as on 31st December, 2018.

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